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tv   Today  NBC  September 22, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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getting into, and they wanted to do a skit, and then they told us bed. >> with strangers. hoe hoda has done it a lot of times, but i never had. re aas you know, i have not seen this in advance, and so is i >> kevin, oh, no. >> where is my shirt? >> where are my pants? >> what happened last night? >> i have no idea. >> i hope we didn't post any pictures. >> oh, no. >> oh, no. >> are those yours? >> yep. >> yep. >> that is not bad. >> that is a cute one. >> oh o, no. >> let's just go to the montage.
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>> i'm never drinking again. >> oh, my gosh, me neither. >> neither are we. mimosas, anybody? >> oh, oh, oh. >> oh, no! >> god. she had on a bodysuit by the way, when we were chuting that. >> my mother is watching, and your mother probably is, too, and anyway, we will do anything for el len len and we just proved it. >> and you know what they have, the strap things -- >> tan lines. >> but not from going to the pool, because i don't do that, but the leotard, because when you walk outside. >> but still and thelines. > yes. >> one day after winning the emmy. >> yes, the blind auditions for the new season for "the voice" kicked off yesterday.
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and now instead of doing the blind auditions and the first in singing, we are with the coaches, and seeing the first in singing, and we have to decide if we want to accept them. >> so what do we have to do, sit here blind. >> no, we have to watch and play along with the coaches. one two three one two three one two three going to my new town i want to scream i want to live like it doesn't exist
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destiny here >> what! i want to open up my eyes for tonight on for tonight >> oh, wow! >> good for him. >> four-chair turn! >> he is off. >> and when he went to thi patysaid, he has a beautiful voice. >> and adam was the last to turn the chair and he chose adam as the coach. i wonder if the one who plays so hard to get is the one you want. >> and hody, there is a girl on the show call d ed koda, and that
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i'll be hard to get >> come on now, bring it home. bring your sweet love >> come on now. >> i am going to tweet for her. >> all right. we have news on sew ophia loren, and she is 81. >> yes, turned it this week. >> and that is is not the headline, but the headline is that she is now modeling for dolce and gabbana. >> look at her. >> it is a new shade of lipstick and bright cherry red called the sophia loren number one. >> which we all agree is better than being called number two. if there is a second one, because this is so pop yu ular it will be interesting what they come up with. >> sebeautiful. >> and she is a natural, and she is womanly, and you know. >> and don't you love how some of the businesses are using the kind of older women, and i think
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it is a cool thing. >> i'd like to think that i'm just not old enough. >> we are getting there. wait for us, we are on the way. all right. >> benadryl is doing some weird stuff to me today. >> and who do you think should perform in the super bow bea now it s is the 50th anniversary and everybody is talking about who it should be, and some people saya mars is coming back. >> and he just did it. >> and some people want cher and has started a petition. >> and cher would be a great choice, because she is just like sew fee sophia in that she has how many decadni a s still kicks it just like crazy. >> and now, amanda, one of the producers had a great idea, and she said, it is an anniversary for the super bowl for sure, and why not have the people come through the decades and do a match-up. >> maybe doris day from the '50s.
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>> kay serra serra, i would love it. >> how about britney spears? >> and of course, taylor swift could kick it. >> and she could do the duets with each person, and what about if taylor with elton john and taylor with the stones and chicago. and then all of t way to now. anyway, okay. here is a piece of video. >> we'd love to know who you would like to see on the facebook. remember that? >> and othis video is going to make y sick. >> put down the cherrios, all of the way down. >> even the coffee, put it down. >> anyway in a new york subway, there was a video of a rat, and rat. and the rat is pulling an entire slice of new york pete sashgs
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million times, and the guy fill filming said, this is your best life. >> feel the burn. >> and a nibble on the way down. he got scared i think. >> and there is a youtube made a mashable on it. we don't have it? oh, si oh, it is not that important, and we thought it h wgeonheir hoda?
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our chocolate. i love the movies. she is a golden globe actress who made her mark in hollywood three decades ago as the original scream queen. >> and it was 1978 when she burst on to the scene playing a doomed babysitter in a scary
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then the sequel, and now there is a tv show playing homage to the show called "scream queen s s." >> and jamie lee is going to play a character that she is the head of a sorry ti targeted by a serial killer, but it is one sor ror error -- sorority that she hates. >> i didn't like the dean so i snuck in and drop d ped a battery into her bathtub, and so take the off your glasses. >> you miss d ed the first line where she says i hate sororities and i hate you. >> and you read the script and said, " i'm in." >> well, i got the script and i
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did not read it for three to six months before we started shooting. and everybody would say, how is the new show. >> well, it is like "mean girls" meets "halloween." >> well, it is like, "mean girls," and based on the sorority e-mail that went around and a real sorority president writing to the sister s s, and it is vile and it went viral and it opened up the door for the writers to go, oh, this is how people talk to each other, and like, this is really how people communicate with each other. >> it is sad, isn't it? terrible commentary on the world. >> yes, but so many sad commentaries of the world, and we have to wake up to it. >> and why not exploit it? >> and why not highlight it for the comedy value, and maybe, you know in the dialogue, and then in the discussion, you can then parse out the things that actually can be sociological changes versus just the norm.
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>> and speaking of having fun and you went to the comic-con and the first one going there. >> yes. >> in san diego? >> yes. >> and you brought down the house, and nobody does it in one line, but you did. >> and well, they asked me a question about being there, and i quipped with no disrespect to activia, but i did quip that said, look, i have been selling yogurt that makes you poop for seven years, and i'm happy to be here. and i have been happy to have that job and until theyt decided to have somebody else to have that representative, i was happy to have that product, and it helped people, and people told me it helped them and i was able to stay home with my family and it was my job, but this on 5:03 which is 2:03 my time, and you know, i woke up to this day, and you know, i will start to cry here on your tv show, and you know, we have been
10:14 am
working on the show for a long time, and today is being born, and i will have to tell you that if you don't think that i am so grateful at 56 to have this job at this moment in my life when as i said, i have done advertising for people, and i have done some really terrible movies and tv shows to live my life and i woke up this morning weeping at this moment in any life, at this moment for me. i thought about my mom, and, you know, i just, it is life, on life's terms, and i'm just grateful, so, so deeply grateful. [ applause ] >> don't you think it is gratitude, and people are not anymore. >> well, i am. and i woke up this morning, kind
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here, right now for me. >> we love you, jamie. that is so great. and "scream queens" and getting e phenomenal reviews and premiers tonight on fox. >> two hours on fox, and it is a great, great show, and you will have a blast. >> i am sure. >> all right. i like the crown. >> do you want to explain it? >> well, my friend of allison robins of allison robins wine gave it to me, and gave me a wine because she said every queen needs a wine, and so i have been drinking it on -- i have been wearing it on the plane and everywhere, and so, i want you to know that this is h2o and voltage, but there are
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it is time to meet the next big music star who is elvis duran's artist of the month. >> the national radio host is back with a fabulous find, and 19-year-old is singer songwriter alexia kara out cara out with "four pink wall >> and 1.5 million hits on anyoutube. >> and pronounce the name, because we are have two different versions. >> alexia car-ra. >> well, she s is canadian, and we are not letting trump build a big wall between here and canada, because we want more of her. >> and we saw you with the jesse jay cover.
10:20 am
>> when you sang t, did you know that you would explode? >> well, not this early on in life, because i am only 19, and i did not expect it to be so soon. >> and what caught your eye, elvis? >> like you, on youtube and she said it best, one day doing the covers on youtube and the next she is on "today" show with kathie lee and hoda. and it is like a lightning bolt for you. >> and listen to words of the the new song in a few minute, and it is so relatable and being anti-social and nervous in the crowds. >> and you are at a party, and you don't want to be anywhere but there. >> and you wrote it, right? >> yes, with this guy named sebastian cole. and shout out to you. >> and the best thing that you can learn right ow of the bat is to share with the people who get you there. and i wrote it when i was -- and no, that guy helped you the write it. good for you.
10:21 am
>> and we had alexia on the radio show, and the response was bigger and better than peoy,e who have been doing it for a long time. >> okay, elvis. >> and when you see her and hear her, you will see what i am saying. >> and you are going to be singing the song here with us in a few minutes, here, here. >yes. and then dinner and dessert for under 400 calories? and joy and off you go, and off you go, and off you go, r every step, every stride, every start, gin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. not so long ago, on a street just around the corner... i'm home. hi dad
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a live look tef hamilton bridge. 10:27. i'm kerry barrett.withe mta announcing service on 25 bus routes could be affected when pope francis visits new york a little ater this month. these changes range from buses skipping stops entirely to be rerouted on other streets. the mta is is warning anybody who usually takes the bus to travel by subway instead. pope francis wrapping up his trip in cuba this morning. he wewill be in new york on thursday. cloudy, high of 74. tonight, clear, cool. tomorrow, mostly nny. first day of fall. high of 81. a couple of clouds for the pope's visit in new york.
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i switched. now i have a free app that lets me watch tv whenever i have the time. for $89.99 a month you'll get tv, internet and phone. and if you call now, there's no risk, no contract, no catch, no kidding. i switched to time warner cabl ud and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their one hour appointment window. switch to time warner cable today. and ask how you could get a $300 rewd card. call today. we are back with television personality and author joan lunden who first revealed that she had breast cancer last summer. >> and since then she has fought a very public disease and becoming one of the leading advocates for women, and first, here is a look at her journey. >> reporter: it has been over a ear since joan lunden was
10:26 am
diagnosed with brea n cancer.s >> it is is a shame that you is to deal with somethingthat almost takes life away to appreciate it more. >> reporter: she spent almost nine mon s with a disease that she shared with her fans. >>va i am try and to b vld up the stamina. >> and her mammogram was clean, but then it was picked up by an x-ray. t she had 12 rounds of toxic chemotherapy and a lumpectomy. in a brave move she appeared bold and bald on the cover of "people" magazine. >> we are doing this, losing our hair in order to live and survive and be there for our families. >> u pink power! >> reporter: last fall to raise awareness, joan,mtamron and joined 100 womgn for the pink power on the plaza. >> we are at the radiation center for my very last dose of radiation
10:27 am
radiation. repor r: after four more eo chemo ther therapy and radiation every day for six weeks, thisp winter her treatment came to an emotional end. >> it is a mixed set of emotions o20n the last ay and re-entering normal again. >> r orter: now in remission for over five months a new memoir "had i known" and the birth of her first grandson, joan lunden has a lot to celebrate. >> oh, yes she does! hi, joan. >> so glad you r are w paiihnts in every way. >> and a birthday, too. you had a birthday last saturday. >> and my daughter lindsey, her little daugt hter parker came toddling in, and happy jo-jo. >> not grand ma. >> no, jo-jo. >> and another little one? >> yes, and mason born two weeks
10:28 am
ago at 8 pounds and 2 ounces. beautiful boy. >> and when you look back at the images of you, does the it e seem like a fetime ago or yesterday? >> well, i know on social media people would say a blip. but it was a year out of my life, but i will have to tell you that i started to journaling from day one and in the beginning, i would journaling so i could remember what the dock doctors were saying and the white blood cell count and a then afterua waile i startd letting it all out and how i wam expr essing the feelings, and the message on social media and like that somebody would write and say my daughter had triplenegative 2 and she passed away and i would sit there and say, oh, my gosh, the possibility of actually passing away bec e a reality, and i would clean out all of the drawers and stack my underwear and aa i would not want everybody
10:29 am
slob if i were gone. and these are the things that i wanted to write about in the book, and they are moments of funny, and then i would say, let go of that,uend you can't go there and you have to expect to win this battle. >> and i love that it is a look at your whole life, and you have to think that when you get sick, you have to look back at everything. >> yes, the same thing when you wrote your book, because it is a human instinct when you flirt with death that it makes you look back at your life, and reconnect me with the childhood and what i was, and that my dad was a cancer surgeon, and i always knew that he was a cancer surgeon and everything in my house was about the fight against cancer growing up, but i never made the kon nek connection of breast cancer surgeon, and then i facebook ma meyi twa telu a go sd eryewi a woman named violet, and she was my
10:30 am
grandmother, and you are the only reason, and she just passed away at natural causes at 93. >> thank god, yeah. >> only becaus your father did a radical mastectomy on her in the early 1960s and saved her life. >> wow. >> and i never would have heard are from thae if i had not come out and gone public, and so some of those kinds of the messages, and this is the silver lining, i heard from so many american, and a lot of them were fans from the morning that i had been disconnected with, then. >> and so it was amazing love. >> we love your hair. but it is fantastic. >> and okay, the 12-year-old daughter, she made a comparison with you and a star, and who did she say that you looked like. >> i wanted to add that i the hat on and hat or no hat, and can i take the hat off, and she
10:31 am
said, mom, you look a little like pink, and so we decided to go with it. >> hot. >> yes. >> and that is it. >> rocking it. >> and give joan a trapeze. >> yes. >> and so great. good luck with the book. so happy that things are going so well, jo-jo. >> and joan is the special correspondent as we launch pink power on the plaza next week. >> it is going to be an amazing month of pink power, and everybody can be all pink posse with us to the plaza and it is going to be empowering. >> and joan's book "had i known" is available now. and coming up a performance by before, my budget used to keep me up at night. how you gonna pay for the kid's new dell laptop for school? and the missus wants a kitchen aid mixer for her birthday. and... hey! you're forgetting about
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artist of the month alessia cara, and nou w it is time for her to sing her new single "here." >> it is are from the new lp "four pink walls." the one and only alessia cara. >> yes. >> i guess for now you got the last laugh. i'm sorry if i seem uninterested or i'm not lis inning or i'm indifferent truly i ain't got no business here but since my friends are here i just came to kick it but really i would rather be at home all by myself not in this room with people who don't even care about my well-being i don't dance, don't ask i don't need a boyfriend so you can go back please enjoy your party
10:35 am
somewhere in the korn corner under clouds of marijuana with this boy who's holler hollering i can hardly hear over the music i don't lis to and i don't wanna get with you so tell my friends that i'll be over here oh, oh, oh here, oh, oh, oh here oh, i asked myself what am i doing here oh, oh, oh here, oh, oh, oh here and i can't wait till we can break up out of here excuse me if i seem little unimpress ed unimpressed with this an anti-social pessimist but usually i don't mess with this and i know you mean only the best and your intentions aren't to bother me but honestly i'd rather be
10:36 am
we can kick it and just listen to some mew usic with a message like we usually do and we'll discuss our big dreams how we plan to take over the planet so pardon my nanner ins i hope you'll understand that i'll be here not in the kitchen with the girl who's always gossiping about her friends so tell them i'll be here right next to the boy who's throwing up cause he can't take what's in the cup no more oh, oh, oh here oh, oh, oh here how did it come to this i should have never come to this so holla at me i'll be in the car when you're
10:37 am
done i'm standoffish don't want what you're offering and i'm done talking awfully sad it had to be that way so tell my people when they're ready i'll be over here and if you year ready, i'll be over here and if you're ready i'm ready >> i bet you that so many kids when they watch those lyrics and hear it, they say, i have been there. >> we have all been there. and we are right now there. >> and we are here. it is "here." and next woman: my mom and i have the same hands. same eyes. same laugh. and since she's had moderate alzheimer's disease,
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if we told you that you could have dinner an des d dessert for under 400 calories, you wouldn't believe it. >> but we challenged joy bauer to do it, and to turn this into joy food. >> well, chicken enchiladas from santa fe, new mexico, and she and her husband loven fattenning oowey gooey cheesy enchiladas, so with this, we will use everything that people have. so you v
10:42 am
really busy in the morning, put in four chicken breasts. >> okay. >> half a cup of sals f o garlic and taco seasoning mix, homemade or pact, and put the lid on and low at eight hours. and when you come home, you have the makings of the chicken. so this is my favorite part. you break it up, and it comes out like the most flavorful part. and also, you can put it in the fridge for sandwiches or salad s s or whatever, but now we will do the assembly, and for 30 e pop the tortillas into the microwave because they will be more flexible, and then you are going to be adding a little bit of -- >> what is that? >> enchilada sauce. and put the chick en en in, and then roll it up. i do about a quarter cup of
10:43 am
>> roll rit up. -- roll it up. seam down, and do a little bit more of the sauce. >> cath, you want to try a part of it. >> and the reduced fat cheese and in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes, and your family will think that you slave and the new calories, two of them only 313. >> it is delicious. >> and yours has cheese and yours doesn't. and carrots, carrots. >> and a little bit of the time, but we are making the rice crispy treats. >> and this is the challenge from janell in virginia. and this is the version of 140 calories for one. in instead of stick butter use three tablespoons of whipped butter a melt it with four cups of mini marsh mel lows instead of the rice crispies, and instead of the rice crispies, i am putting in pop corn to drive down the calories
10:44 am
so mix it around and by the way, if your hands are sticky pressing it in there, and a little bohepr, ine a ro g >>atheu hody. >> the original is 140 and my version is 80. >> two carrots, and you are on a roll. >> yes, thank you. >> and you can also eat the carrots. >> and both of the recipes are on -- >> k lshgs
10:45 am
and this is first, today on before we say good-bye, we want to make five viewers very, very happy. >> because it is time to give it away. over 9,000 of you entered for
10:46 am
this week's prize which is a juice presto. >> it runs quietly and you can use it to make pancakes and organic baby food and so much more more. >> and who is the first one? >> it is going to be, sorr it, diane fulton of dawson island, alabama. >> and we have susan benny of houston, texas. >> and good for her. we have dorothy carter from coburn, virginia. >> and i have right here in my hot hand roberta guardnear, north kingstown, rhode island. and who is last, kath? >> it is patty wright from shelbyville, kentucky. >> way to go, pat! >> congrats to everybody. >> if you want to enter for the next week's prize, you have to do it every week. for the complete list of rules, go to
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suze orman. >> and will forte. >> and nine-time winner cloris leachman will be here. >> and loosey tuesday.
10:48 am
i don't like it. . >> today on "access hollywood," carly fiorina out ranks the donald. >> malcolm jamaal warner is here to talk about his historic night
10:49 am
>> look on your left. the highly anticipated screen queen. we knew her as a little girl. skyler sanders got her on camera start right here. >> we take sole credit. all the credit. >> thank you, seem getting me here. >> i am show proud of you. >> show is all grown up. >> "access hollywood" live
10:50 am
she came to play. carly fiorina gets the fallon treatment. the fallon bump. >> you need to get it. >> everyone wins on fallon. i'm billy bush and that was very dorky. i love it. >> the dorky was the best part. it started with bill clinton on arsenio hall with late night is where it happens. the candidates have to go on and be smart, charming and funny. she sings to her dogs. i thought it was adorable. >> it's really nerdy and i love it. you will have to carry me. she is one of the people who are out for a walk and their dog is in the basket or they are carrying the dog. that's not taking your dog for a walk. >> until i moved to california i had never seen a dog in a stroller. all of a sudden out here there is a lot of strollers. >> the dog needs the exercise.
10:51 am
cannot vote for her. she on the strength of two strong debate performances. she passed the donald for the new gop. >> you know he is going to come out firing. >> a panel of 30 smart political minds say carly is rising. i thought the second debate would be a turning point in the wrong way, but this is a power ranking. this is sort of like twitter. it's 30 smart political minds. this is not people. >> i love this for this reason. she was not at the big table at the big debate. she was at the kid's table. she is at the adult table playing with the big boys and they are saying she won the debate. >> she didn't just sing away. they had a nice exchange and she
10:52 am
said something quite smart.
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